Friday, April 13, 2012

Baseball Jersey Floor Pouf

Being the mother of 3 boys has provided me with an over abundance of sports jerseys and t-shirts. Since I am constantly thinking of ways to recycle rather than add to the dump. I decided to make a floor pouffy (is that a real word?!?) for the "sports room" aka place where the boys gather in the basement to play foos ball or X Box and generally make a big mess. This one was made with Baseball shirts from my  now non-playing 17 yr old.


I made my own pattern, centered it on the front to cover as much of the team name as possible, then on the back to get his name and number (#5 is obviously his favorite number!), cut out the pieces, sewed them together, and stuffed it with bean bag beans.

It's great for the boys to sit or lay on while playing X Box! Now what did I do with all those football jerseys......

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