Monday, May 21, 2012

A Wall with a Purpose

I had this blank wall at the top of my stairs that was begging for something. Then I saw this gallery wall and I was inspired!
This wall is right at the top of the stairs. To the right is one boys room straight ahead is the master bedroom. To the left and behind are the rest of the bedrooms, laundry room and bathroom.
I wanted this wall to depict home. And my home IS my boys. The photos were taken when they were itty bitty (they are now 20,17, and 11)

Awww weren't they sweet?!

This is how I hang ALL my pictures, whether they are in a gallery formation or singularly. It's soooo much easier and I get the nail in the right place every time. Here's what you do:
1. trace your picture on newspaper and cut out
2. punch a hole in the newspaper where the nail should go.
3. use painters tape to arrange your "pictures" on the wall. This way you can move them around as much as you like and get them exactly where you want them!
4. hammer a nail right through the newspaper where you marked it!

See the nail right through the newspaper? Guaranteed to be exactly right!

Here are a few of the things other than photos on the wall. I'm sure you've all seen this You Are My Sunshine wall art by A.K.A Design. I fell in love with it immediately! She has an awesome tutorial on how to make one of your own. The only differences between hers and mine are colors obviously, mine is much smaller, and I rubbed stain all over mine, whereas she used an ink pad.
I have been wanting to use this quote somewhere for quite awhile! I just love it! It's kind of hard to tell in these photos, but the words are wood grain. I will have a tutorial for this up by next Monday, so come on back!
"Owl always love you" This was a super easy little picture. I just cut burlap to fit an old frame, stamped some cute little owls on it then used some sticker letters from my scrap booking stash.

I'd love to say I made this, but alas I do not have the program on my computer to make all the cool subway art that everyone is making! I do have an idea for something like this tho, stay tuned!
Now that wall at the top of the stairs has a purpose. All is happy!

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  1. Your gallery wall looks fantastic! So many fun, meaningful pieces.

    I'm another aka design fan and was blown away by their You Are My Sunshine art. Glad to see it can be replicated!

    The owl burlap art has to be my favourite, though!

    Visiting from CraftyScrappyHappy!