Saturday, May 26, 2012

Where Our Hearts Never Leave

Thanks so much for all the lovely comments on my gallery wall! As promised here is the tutorial for the "Home" wall art. It's really very simple.

You will need a piece of plywood (not MDF, you need to see the grain), sticker letters (I used 2 different sized fonts) stain, rubber gloves, clean cloth, white spray paint, sandpaper (I used a palm sander, 'cause I'm lazy)

1. Cut your wood, mine is about 8X10
2. Stain your wood. Use the rubber gloves and a clean cloth, get it good and covered, nice and dark.
3. Let it dry completely- this is very hard for me, I'm extremely impatient!
4. Lay out your sticker letters. Obviously you can use any quote you like, but I used:

"Where we love is HOME, HOME that our feet may leave but not our HEARTS"
Be sure the letters are stuck down nice and tight, you don't want any of the spray paint leaking under!

5. Spray white spray paint in light even coats over the entire surface. Spray from the top, not sideways to lessen the chance of paint getting under the sticker letters.

6. Carefully peel off the sticker letters. As soon as you are done spraying. Don't wait and do a second coat, just spray one good coat and peel the letters off immediately or they will stick forever! I used a pin to pull up one corner so as not to smudge the paint.
7. Let it dry completely! After it's completely dry, rough it up with sandpaper around the edges and in a few meaningful places.
8. Attach a hanger on the back and hang up your really cool wall art!

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