Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Grateful 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17

Wow I guess I haven't posted in awhile! There must be so much to be grateful for!
I am Grateful for....
12. My Christmas shopping is 1/2 done! (shallow I know, but I really am glad Im almost done, I usually wait till the last moment and then Im always rushed and don't enjoy it. This year, Im having fun!)
13. My sons job. He works at KFC/Taco Bell. Not the best job in the world, but great for a teenager to earn some extra money!
14. For my hubby's safety. He flew to Dallas today, arrived safely~ he absolutely hates flying!
15. School sports. My 15 yr old made the school swim team! I really feel extra curricular school activities are important for kids. My DS has had a difficult time the last 2 years at school with us moving twice. I think he's finally getting it all back together!
16. Teachers that go the extra mile. School is very difficult for my 9 yr old. This year he has a teacher that really cares and he is actually enjoying school. Very grateful for her!
17. Days with nothing to do. Most of my days are pretty busy. You would think being a stay at home mom would be all soap operas and bon-bons, but I usually have some place to go or something to make so today Im grateful I don't have anything on my agenda, except maybe vacuuming!

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