Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Oops! Was the word of the weekend! nothing went my way! I had hoped to get things hung on the walls in the bathroom, Murphy's Law had other ideas!

I got a bunch of cool industrial metal baskets to hang above the toilet to hold some pretty things and toilet paper.
When hubby drilled the first hole he hit a furnace duct. Fortunately, he knows what he's doing and thought there might be something there, so he didn't put a hole in the duct. However, I can't hang anything up there that requires more than a nail. I haven't given up yet tho (it's just not in my nature to give up!) I have a couple ideas still bouncing around in my head for that project.... stay tuned!

Then we decided to put another rail on the loft bed before I took pictures to show you and ......
OOPS! Forgot about the ceiling fan! Cracked the glass. At least it didn't shatter and fall all over the place. Going to have to replace that!
I also spray pained a magazine rack and ledge shelf (that I got at the Salvation Army for $2.99-yay me!) and for some reason the paint bubbled up on it!
Guess I'll be sanding that and repainting! Again, not giving up! I work every day this week so, it may not happen until next weekend.... we will see how motivated I am! Hope you had a better, more productive weekend!

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